Our history

Rest and relaxation of a special kind.
The history of the house.

Lechner am See im Winter

Creating values. Appreciating tradition. Shaping the future.

Joy of meeting people. Hospitality that comes from the heart. Contributing to our guests having a wonderful time. Tradition for over 70 years. Lechner am See.

In 1946 Josef Lechner built up his “omnibus company”. His wife Eleonore realized her dream of running a “Fremdenpension” and offering those in need of recreation a “summer retreat” on the shores of Schliersee.

1987 the complete new building by the daughter, Eleonore Faerber and her husband Johann. They built a guesthouse of a very special kind. Modern and comfortable design, lovingly and passionately managed.

In 2007 the house was handed over to the next generation, the daughter Michaela Buerger and her husband Winfried.

The house was completely redesigned. Luxurious vacation suites were created, which offer an atmosphere of privacy in a warm ambience and are embellished at regular intervals and adapted to the wishes of the guests and the times.

In a time full of fast pace and uncertainty, the family Faerber & Buerger offers you an exclusive ambience, to relax, pamper and enjoy. See for yourself.